So what is leveraged income and how can you benefit from it as an SFI Affiliate?

Leveraged Income

Leveraged income is an income available to all SFI affiliates. When you sign-up, you have the chance to start your own sales team of other eager affiliates. This sales team will grow and grow for as long as you work the SFI program.

How would you like to earn commissions on all the sales made by the affiliates you refer to?

Well, it’s possible with SFI. And that’s not all that’s possible. How would you like to earn commissions on all the sales made by affiliates your own affiliates refer to? In fact, how would you like to earn commissions on all the affiliates in your sales team no matter how deep it goes or who referred them?

“This is ALL possible with SFI’s multiple income streams.”

There is something for everyone in SFI’s compensation plan, and you seriously can’t lose out.

Picture this, you decide to start up with SFI. You begin referring affiliates by with every means you choose. Out of the affiliates you refer to, you find that a couple seems to be working very hard and they are also referring affiliates, maybe more than you. they are making sales at every level and you receive your first commission check.

After a year you decide you want to slow down?

Well, you can rest assured that your commission check will keep coming to your door every month because your affiliates are doing the work for you, and thanks to the override commissions, you are earning on their efforts.

This is the true meaning of leveraged income.

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