A Long Term Business Opportunity

A Long Term Business Opportunity

So what are you expecting from your SFI business?

Are you hoping to sweep in, make a couple of hundred extra bucks within a couple of weeks and move on?

Well, I’ve got news for you, it’s not going to happen here. Go and seek that fly-by-night business opportunity that will see you lose hundreds before gaining a cent.

SFI has been established since 1998, and you know why?

Because it is a genuine business opportunity that will be around for years. You will not make a quick buck here, you will make a financially secure future. But as will any respectable business, it will take time for it to grow mature. It will take a couple of months to get to grips with the basics of network marketing, and then a couple more to implement a business plan. In fact, your first year with SFI will be your hardest, with the least in return.

“Is this a bitter pill for you to swallow?”

Well, it shouldn’t be. Because what a slow progression means is a secure future. There is very little difference between SFI and your high street department store, apart from one very important factor: Start-up costs.

The start-up costs with a high street store would run into thousands and you would be in the red for a few months before seeing any profit.

The start-up costs at SFI are essentially zero. Nothing needs to be spent other than your time.

In time, you may wish to pay for advertising to really get your business moving but never forget that this is entirely up to you. You could run your SFI business completely offline, spending nothing more than your time and have a very good chance of success. A mixture of both offline and online would be even better.

The beauty of SFI is you can go at your own pace. No bills to worry about, no rent, electricity, just your internet connection and a little patience is all that’s required. You really do not have anything to lose.

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