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I love Film and Television. The autographs have been a wonderful way to make a connection with the stars of those mediums. However, beyond autographs, it has been wonderful for me over the years to do further research into favorite actors and actresses.

The Three Stooges have always been my favorite movie comedy team. As a result, much of my research has centered on people who appeared in their comedy shorts. Some of that research has resulted in detective-like searches, trying to find the people themselves when they'd been retired and away from the business for many years.  Additionally, many of those people had died without due notification to any of the trade publications.  In the days before the internet, my research involved meticulously looking through clippings folders in library collections, census records, city directories, as well as other sources.  While it was sad to find a favorite player had been dead for many years, it was also rewarding to put closure to their life story, and write an article that recognized and memorialized them.  These are some of the more Stooge-centric articles I've enjoyed researching and writing over the years.

(I like to embrace cutting edge technology. Hence, the articles are conveniently viewable on the issuu.com website which will open in a new tab or window when you click on them. However, if you would like to view them the old fashion way, you can click on the PDF link below each article for which you will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The PDF files are large to insure good readability, so they may take time to download, but this is probably the optimal way to print an article if you would like to read it on paper.)


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