Welcome to www.BillCappello.com !

Welcome Everybody, to my webpage!

Here is where I am posting autographed photos from my private collection.  Please note that this is a work in progress and I am experimenting with formats and styles for the site.   Your comments and suggestions are welcome.   (If you don't recognize the person or their signature from their photo, please scroll down to see the file name below the full photo.)

Recently, I've updated the site with scans of some of my published research articles which I hope that others will find interesting and informative as well as entertaining.

Another thing I've decided to add is a single page of photos of some of the celebrities whom I've met over the years.

I've also added a few new recipes from my collection of vintage celebrity cookbooks. I will continue to post more in time.

Lastly, although I've collected autographed photos diligently over the years, there were still several people I was never able to get on my own. In these cases, I have obtained signed photos from other reputable sources. They lack the touch of a personal inscription as the others have, but I still wanted to include a page of them here.

Eventually, there will be links to some of my favorite sites, including those of friends. So, for now, take a look at the autographs, the recipes and enjoy your visit! Feel free to drop me a line!

For general updates about the site, as well as some of my personal anecdotes, please feel free to visit my Blog. I welcome any comments that anyone would like to share - they are greatly appreciated and encouraged.

e-mail: bill@billcappello.com